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email: Telephone: 07734 323572 Facebook: Harrogate Folk Club

Information for artists. We value professional musicians and will always endeavour to strike a balnce between fair pay for musicians and affordable tickets for the audience.. Bookings are made on the basis of having seen or heard the performers play and feedback from our audience.. We can offer hospitality when required but regret we cannot provide hotel accommodation or fancy riders! We are a small Folk Club run monthly by enthusiasts and operate on a basis of an agreed fee or 80% of door after room hire and costs.

Information for floor singers: A folk club audience is different to many pub open mic audiences…….they listen to you and appreciate a good performance! We are what it says on the tin,,,,,a folk club, and we welcome acoustic music within the vast umbrella of folk, roots, blues and beyond! We try to give each performer 2 songs and it’s best to get in touch first to guarantee a slot, especially if you are travelling. We have a lot of people who want to perform and sometimes it’s difficult to fit everyone in, so please don’t be offended if we ask you to do just one tune or song.

Spotlight features. In this area we are blessed with some great musicians and we often invite performers to showcase their talents at a half hour “Spotlight” session at a singers night or be a support act for our Guest Night Concerts. [For this we can offer generous expenses only]

What folks say about Harrogate Folk Club:

“I wish I could do that gig every night, one of my very favourites of all time and I’m not just saying that!” – Jack Rutter

“Well that was truly one of the most lovely gigs I’ve ever played! Such a lovely club and vibe!” – Sam Barrett

“Brilliant night and lovely audience. A great club situated in a brewery….what’s not to like!” – The Hunch

“It’s one of the most varied clubs I’ve ever been to -hardcore unaccompanied trad at one extreme and cross handed guitar wizardry at the other -magic! Thankyou for making it happen” – Chris Manners

” I have to say the standard was extraordinarily high with some incredible musicians……you are obviously doing something right!” Den Miller

What a lovely audience, atmosphere and welcome. Fantastic floorspots and  enthusiastic singing from the audience. A really fun night!” Yan Tan Tether

“Great bunch of people tonight – and well organized.” Jez Lowe

 “ What a wonderful folk club!” The Jon Palmer Band

“Best folk club we’ve been to in years! Wonderful hosts, singers, floorspots and audience” Rebekah Findlay and Lee Huck

“ It was so lovely, what a gorgeous folk club!” Edwina Hayes

“What a superb new club! Wonderful people and Myrtle the mic is amazing!” – Dan Walsh

“A great club, lovely atmosphere, fine singers, great hosts.” John Watterson