During the folk revival of the 1960’s and subsequent years, Harrogate Folk Club was one of the leading venues in the north and was highly influential in developing the musical careers of many artists.  Harrogate Folk Club was revived again in 2018, with monthly sessions upstairs in the function room at The Empress. The club proved very popular and over the next two years we built a community who loved to share and listen to music. We had some memorable nights with talented local performers and top guest artists. When Covid 19 stopped everything we kept going with monthly Zoom get togethers, until Harrogate Folk Club arose from the ashes in September 2021 in our new location at Roosters Brewery. Yet another folk revival!! It’s been a tough time for live music as it emerges from the Pandemic, but the future is looking bright and we shall keep the music going for as long as there are people who want to share it!

Past Guest Performers at the club: George Sansome, Steve Knightley. Steve Turner, Merry Hell. Jack Rutter, Flossie Mallavialle, Cohen Braithwait-Kilcoyne, Jez Lowe, John Watterson, Dan Walsh, Leeds Folk Degree Students, The Jon Palmer Band, Edwina Hayes, Yan Tan Tether, John Kirkpatrick, Katie Spencer, Damien Barber and Mike Wilson, Bryony Griffith and Alice Jones, The Hunch, Maddie Morris, Sam Barrett

Past Spotlight Performers and support acts: Sue Burgess, Whistling Dixie. Johnny Campbell. Cobalt Tales. Paul Astley. Sarah-Louise Boyle, Roger Knowles, Zeke Deighton, Robin Van Zeltz, Sam Barrett, Heathen Kings, Rebekah Findlay and Lee Huck, Atlas Bridge, Chris Manners, Steamtown, Tom Richardson, Maddie Morris, Hazjak, The Paper Waits, Christine and Dylan Summers, Maddie Andrews and Steve Lacey, James Mitchell, Lucie and Graham Else.

What folks say about Harrogate Folk Club:

Thanks so much for a gorgeous evening. Beautiful chorus singing and a lovely venue!- George Sansome

Great gig, lovely crowd, fine venue. Thanks! – Steve Knightley

Genuinely the most welcoming, inclusive and friendly club that I’ve got to play in.-Maddie Morris

.Fabulous to be part of this wonderful growing folk club. Great performers, audience and beer! – Whistling Dixie

“I wish I could do that gig every night, one of my very favourites of all time and I’m not just saying that!” – Jack Rutter

“Well that was truly one of the most lovely gigs I’ve ever played! Such a lovely club and vibe!” – Sam Barrett

“Brilliant night and lovely audience. A great club situated in a brewery….what’s not to like!” – The Hunch

“It’s one of the most varied clubs I’ve ever been to -hardcore unaccompanied trad at one extreme and cross handed guitar wizardry at the other -magic! Thankyou for making it happen” – Chris Manners

” I have to say the standard was extraordinarily high with some incredible musicians……you are obviously doing something right!” Den Miller

What a lovely audience, atmosphere and welcome. Fantastic floorspots and  enthusiastic singing from the audience. A really fun night!” Yan Tan Tether

“Great bunch of people tonight – and well organized.” Jez Lowe

 “ What a wonderful folk club!” The Jon Palmer Band

“Best folk club we’ve been to in years! Wonderful hosts, singers, floorspots and audience” Rebekah Findlay and Lee Huck

“ It was so lovely, what a gorgeous folk club!” Edwina Hayes

“What a superb new club! Wonderful people and Myrtle the mic is amazing!” – Dan Walsh

“A great club, lovely atmosphere, fine singers, great hosts.” John Watterson